Film some reviews at the 2A Rally

Film some product reviews (and other vids) at the rallys
Maybe update people on your phone, or your camera, a spare battery pack, or a data storage device
your boots, or a pocket knife
Maybe an interview or some facts about the town or a building
Maybe record a story about an adventure you once had there
But film something (and you mention the 2A Rally)
then yer vids go up days or weeks later and remind people where you were when you filmed them
Extra reach, and its fun

Who will the media Interview ?

People are worried about what people will dress like for the 2A rallys

ANd what might happen if a “ya-hoo” gets interviewed by the media at the 2A Rally

Well, what if they talk to that guy and he is well spoken, we WIN no?

if they pick some “normal” looking guy .. how do you know what that guy is gonna say?

diversity is our strength

the media NEEDS to set a perception that we are ALL (fill in the blank) so they can point at us as a group

what is probable ??

you have unrealistic expectations of what is probable..

think about it, we don’t worry about what MIGHT happen each time we drive somewhere.. or walk somewhere..

why do we get so concerned about when we carry a gun

just run a camera

oh man

just run a camera

record the event

no one gets violent

you are concerned about thing that have not happened at past events

every year the NRA show is larger than all these events

in 2012 we carried guns at state capitol ralliesĀ